Dr. Kausalya with children of the Marabu Foundation in January 2007

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For further information about the events below, please contact Dr. Rama Kausalya, Marabu Foundation, Jatavallabar House, 6/78, Thillaisthanam, Thanjavur Dt., 613 203. Phone: (04362) 260606


India, particularly Tamil Nadu, is rich in traditional art forms and the festivals connected with them are slowly vanishing and some have already vanished. One such festival is Kollatta javandharai. Kolattam is an art form played by striking two sticks, against each other, by holding one in each hand accompanied by Music. It is one art form which is prevalent all over India. Javandharai is a festival of Kolattam. There is a myth connected with the festival.
    Once upon a time, a demon called Basavasura was torturing the people by beating them with sticks, in the form of a bull/cow. Bhooma Devi, the Goddess of Earth, unable to bear the sufferings of the people, pleaded with Vishnu/Shiva. The Almighty ultimately killed him and at the time of his death, the asura realized his folly and received a boon. Accordingly, if innocent children assemble and perform Kolattam before his idol for a period on one mandala (48 days), the place should gain good showers of rain, a fruitful harvest and prosperity. Thus, the festival came into existence, with slight local variations in the southern districts of Tamilnadu, where agriculture is the principal occupation.
    The Javandharai begins the day after Deepavali (new Moon day) and goes on for one Mandala (48 days). The local traditional potter moulds a clay idol of a cow and calf. It is received ceremoniously in a house. Seeds different traditional grains are sown into 5 small pots so that they germinate and grow into healthy plants at the end of the festival, symbolizing fertility. It is called Paaligai or Mulaippaari. Girls below thirteen years of age assemble everyday and perform Kolattam for traditional kolattam songs in front of the installed idol of Cow and calf. Children are invited to perform kolattam in the houses of the village and the ones nearby, where they are honoured. On the concluding day, all the children take oil bath and in the evening, they are dressed in the traditional attire presented to them after which they go in a procession to the bank of Kaviri, performing kolattam. A small boy taking the installed idol, leads the procession accompanied by the entire village and the visitors. The idol is then immersed in the river and the Paaligai is dissolved in the waters by the elderly ladies On their way back, Haarathi is performed before the houses. This will be followed by a grand communal feast.
    The traditional festival was revived in our village after a gap of forty years in 1989 by our co-ordinator Dr. Rama. Kausalya, ex-principal, Thiruvaiyaru Music College. Now Marabu Foundation has been conducting this wonderful festival. This year, the javandharai began on November 16th which will conclude on 3rd January 2013. All the like minded fraternity are requested to patronize and extend their support in preserving this age old tradition and to participate in the concluding day function.
Venue : Marabu House, Thillaisthanam
Date : 3rd January 2013

Valedictory for Workshop on Manodharma Sangeetham - II (Posted 01.10.2012)

We cordially invite you to the Valedictory Function of the Four day Workshop on “Manodharma Sangeetham - II” (29.09.2012 — 02.10.2012) conducted by Marabu Foundation.
Venue : Marabu House, Thillaisthanam
Date : 02nd October 2012
Time : 4.00 P.M
Marabu Foundation

Workshop on Manodharma Sangeetham - II (Posted 29.09.2012)

We cordially invite you to the Inaugural Function of the Four day Workshop on “Manodharma Sangeetham - II” (29.09.2012 — 02.10.2012) conducted by Marabu Foundation.
Course Director: Dr. R.Kausalya
Resource Person: Kalaimamani Smt. S.Rajeswari, Retd. Principal, T.N. Govt. Music College, Chennai
Venue : Marabu House Thillaisthanam
Date : 29th September 2012
Time : 09:00 A.M.
Marabu Foundation

World Literacy Day Meeting (Posted 07.09.2012)

We cordially invite you to the World Literacy Day Meeting on Saturdy the 8th September 2012 (08.09.2012 — 20.08.2012) at Marabu Foundation, Thillaisthanam, Thanjavur at 11:00 a.m.
Thiru.R.C. Suresh, Panchayat President, will preside over the Function. Thiru.P. Ramachandran, Head Master, will deliver a lecture on “Education”.
Marabu Foundation

One Day Children’s Workshop on Library (Posted 07.09.2012)

We cordially invite you to the Workshop on “Library” on Sunday, the 26th August 2012 (26.08.2012) at Library Building, Thillaisthanam, Thanjavur from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Workshop is conducted by the Thillaisthanam Panchayat and the Marabu Foundation.
Marabu Foundation

Valedictory for Workshop on Manodharma Sangeetham (Posted 19.08.2012)

We cordially invite you to the Valedictory Function of the Three day Workshop on “Manodharma Sangeetham” (18.08.2012 — 20.08.2012) conducted by Marabu Foundation.
Venue : Marabu House, Thillaisthanam
Date : 20th August 2012
Time : 4.30 P.M
Marabu Foundation

Workshop on Manodharma Sangeetham (Posted 18.08.2012)

A three day workshop on Manodharma Sangeetham was conducted by Marabu Foundation at Thillaisthanam. Dr. Rama. Kausalya, Managing Trustee of the Foundation inaugurated the workshop. She stressed the importance of Manodharma Sangeetham and recollected the achievements of stalwarts of yesteryears in different branches of Manodharma Sangeetham namely Raga Alapana, Tanam, Niraval and Kalpana svara. Mastery over these branches of Manodharma Sangeetham is essential and the students should listen to the music of such personalities apart from rigorous practice in right direction.

The workshop will be conducted for three days in gurukula pattern. Ten participants will get rigorous training in Manodharma Sangeetham under Sri N.S. Swaminathan of Madurai. Smt. R. Meenakshi proposed vote of Thanks.

Marabu Foundation cordially invites you to the Three day Workshop on Manodharma Sangeetham (18.08.2012 — 20.08.2012).
Venue : Marabu House Thillaisthanam

Valedictory for Thiruvaiyaru Kshetra Kritis Workshop (Posted 26.05.2012)

Marabu Foundation cordially invites you to the Valedictory Function of the Six day workshop on “Thiruvaiyaru Kshetra Kritis” by Musical Trinity (22.05.2012 - 27.05.2012) on Sunday the 27th May 2012 (27.05.2012) at MARABU HOUSE, Thillaisthanam, Thanjavur at 4.30 P.M.
Chief Guest : Sri. V. Balasubramanian, Auditor, Thiruvarur
Marabu Foundation.

Thiruvaiyaru Kshetra Kritis Rendered at Sri Panchanadeeshwara Temple, Thiruvaiyaru (Posted 24.05.2012)

Thillaisthanam Marabu Foundation is conducting a 6-day workshop on Thiruvaiyaru Kshetra Kritis by the Musical Trinity. (22 .05.2012 to 27.05.2012). The trustees of Marabu Foundation cordially invite you to the program where the participants of the workshop will render these Kritis at the Aadi Poora Mandapam (Amman Sannidhi), Sri Panchanadeeshwara Temple, Thiruvaiyaru — 6:30 PM. on Saturday, 26.05.2012.

Workshop—Thiruvaiyaru Kshetra Kritis of Musical Trinity (Posted 18.05.2012)

Marabu Foundation is going to conduct a workshop on the compositions of the Musical Trinity, (Thagarajar, Muthuswamy Dikshitar and Syama Sastri) on Panchanatheeswara and Dharmambikai of Thiruvaiyaru Kshetra.

The workshops will be conducted in Gurukula pattern at Marabu Foundation, Thillaisthanam near Tiruvaiyaru, free of cost.

Course Director: Dr. Rama Kausalya
Resource Persons: Smt. S. Rajeshwari, Smt. Leelavathi Gopala Krishanan, Smt. Gayathri
Participants: Young Musicians, Music Teachers and Senior Students are welcome
Date: 22.05.2012 to 27.05.2012

Tirumurai Workshop (on Aiyaru) Inaugurated! (Posted 10.05.2012)

The Thirumurai workshop (on Aiyaru) was inaugurated at Marabu Foundation, Thillaisthanam. Keeping in mind the forthcoming Kumbabishekam of Sri Panchanadeeswara Temple at Thiruvaiyaru, Thillaisthanam Marabu Foundation has planned to collect and publish all the compositions in praise of Dharmasamvardhini and Panchanadeeswara with authentic notation, right from Thevararas, including those of the Carnatic Music Trinity. The Foundation also plans to conduct a series of workshops on these compositions.

The workshop on Thirumurai, the foremost in this series was inaugurated by Dr. Kumarasami Thambiran Swamigal, the Kattalai Visaranai of Sri Panchanadeeswara Temple, at Marabu. Dr Rama Kousalya, the managing trustee of the foundation, welcomed the gathering. She explained that the aim of the series of workshops planned, is the propogation and preservation of these compositions for posterity. Sri Kumarasamy Tambiran Swamigal elaborated on the greatness of the Kshetra, saying this was the place, all the three elements of Tamizh (Iyal, Isai and Natakam) flourished, which was revealed from the inner evidences found in the hymns of Thirugnanasambandhar. He lauded the efforts of the foundation in bringing out the compositions of Thiruvaiyaru. Sri Gopalan (of Thiruvaiyaru Natyanjali), Sri. Palaniappan (of MS Swaminathan Foundation) and Sri Ramachandran (Headmaster, Ramakrishna School, Thillaisthanam) participated.

Tirumurai Workshop (Posted 07.05.2012)

Thillaisthanam Marabu Foundation cordially invites you to the Inaugural Function of the workshop (8th - 13th May, 2012) on “Tirumurai” (Aiyaru) on 8th May, 2012 at 10:30 AM at the Marabu House, Thillaisthanam. Dr. Kumarasamy Tambiran will inaugurate the workshop.

With best compliments from:
Sri L. Sabaretnam, Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai

Workshops (Posted 01.05.2012)

The Maha Kumbabhishekam of Sri Panchanadeeswara Temple, Tiruvaiyaru is going to be performed early next year. Right from Tevarakaras many Vaggeyakaras have sung the glory of Aiyaran and Aramvalartha Nayaki. Using this opportunity Thillaisthanam Marabu Foundation is planning to list out those compositions and collect the authentic versions of the compositions on Panchanadeeswara and Dharmambikai to publish them with notation.

It has also plans to conduct a series of workshops to teach all the Thirumurai hymns on Tiruvaiyaru, compositions of Trinity and selected compositions of other composers. The workshops are meant for young musicians, music teachers and senior students who could preserve and propagate these compositions to posterity. The workshops will be conducted on Gurukula pattern at Marabu Foundation, Thillaisthanam near Tiruvaiyaru free of cost.

The Schedule of the First and Second Workshops will be as following:
1. Workshop on Thirumurais — 08.05.2012 to 13.05.2012
2. Workshop on the Compositions of Musical Trinity — 22.05.2012 to 27.05.2012

Course director will be Dr. R. Kausalya. For more information, contact Marabu Foundation, Jatavallabar House, 6/78, Thillaisthanam, Thanjavur Dt., 613 203. Phone: (04362)260606

Let Us Understand (Posted 01.05.2012)

Thillaisthanam Marabu Foundation and Thanjavur Chapter of INTACH

We Cordially invite you to the six-day workshop on “Let us Understand” at Marabu House, Thillaisthanam, Thanjavur, 29.04.2012 - 04.05.2012.

Programme Schedule
Date : 02.05.2012 Wednesday

Morning Session : Pranayamam, Spoken English
Evening Session : Painting, Crash Course in Computer, Basic Tailoring

Date: 04.05.2012 Friday
Valedictory Function at 4:00 P.M.

Chief Guest : Sri P. Ramachandran


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